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What is

Offermandu for Creators?

Offermandu’s creators portal is a free to use portal for memers’ and creative content makers to make memes, creative contents and ads on different offers, deals and themes for brands. Make content, upload it on the portal and you’ll be paid the fixed royalty if your content /idea gets accepted.

For Creative Minds

24/7 Access

Think anytime and upload content on your dashboard. Our team will review and get back to you within 24 hours

No Editing Skills

Yes, as a creator, you don't need to have a good editing skill. Just submit your idea by drawing on a white paper or any jpg or png images of your choice.

Awesome Royalty

Creators will get minimum rs.250 to maximum rs.5,000 or more for each content based on creativity, platform and vendors.

How it Works?


Do you want your marketing to be creative and more fun watching for the targeted customers? Post your requirements and multiple creators create contents for your brand,campaign,offers or deals. Your brand stands out if the brand is creative enough to convey its message. Participate in creators program and go creative with your ads and promotion.


Are you creative? Do you love making memes? If so, join our creators portal and start making contents on the given topics. You’ll be paid the fixed royalty mentioned on the topics if your content or idea gets accepted. You don’t need to have any editing skills. Just convey your ides and we’ll make the content on your behalf. Sign up and start creating contents !


 There are three members on our core creative team. The members are memers from top meme pages and groups of Nepal. They’ll filter contents sent by creators and the best is selected and rewarded. We’ll do a short copyright or plagiarism test before rewarding. So, be original. After finalizing the content, our team sends those contents to respective brands.

What are creative contents?

Have a thorough look at the examples and explanation of some creative contents and get some warm up ideas before you begin making contents.



Our creators used apple logo and its structure to resemble the offer of daraz’s “apple week-up to 10% off on apple products”.

Creative Marketing

Rijal’s creatively placed their product in place of fire extinguisher with a perfect caption on it.

Moment Marketing


Lotus captured the moment of trend when a dialogue of movie “PUSHPA” was quite trendy. The company modified the dialogue from, ” मैं झुकेगा नही साला” , to “मैं टुटेगा नही” to represent the strength of its products. 

Humor on Trend

Old Monk perfectly captured the work from home trend to resemble its brand with humor.


Taatomitho was the one which delivered food without any delivery charges. Our creators perfectly matched the famous local quote with the service of a company. Humor on service can be a great creative content to promote service of a brand.


Meme has been a famous mean to communicate humor. A perfect meme template that won’t hamper other brands and the company itself is very important to consider while making a meme content .

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

“content” refers to memes and creative graphics/ideas/moment marketing that endorse brands or their offers and deals in a creative manner.

NO, if you can do minor editing, send us that or just draw your concept on a white paper and upload it on your dashboard. In that case, we encourage you to describe about the idea on the description box.

In this case, we try to find out if the concept is copied from some third person or not. If not, the person who submitted the content prior will be considered for royalty.

Copying is strictly restricted. If any content is found to be copied, the account will be dismissed and remaining payments will be on hold. Your payment will be released every 10 days and during that period, you won’t get paid, if the content is claimed to be copyright by someone else.

No. This is an open platform and you can make whenever any idea pop ups in your mind. The site will be live 24/7 except for schedule maintenance on 15th and 28th of every month(AD)

Create account-it won’t take you more than 10 seconds on signup via google. Explore various topics, think and upload your idea on contents or ads.

Each topic has different royalty ranging from minimum rs.300 to rs.5000 and more. It completely depends on the brand, offers and requirements.

No. Your payment will be released after 10 days of content approval. During this period, we check for copyright claim and plagiarism of ideas and content. 

No. Our team will review every contents on each topic and best few are rewarded for each topic. You’ll be notified via mail for any updates on your content.

You’ll be notified via mail about the change in status. Login and see if your content is approved or rejected.

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